Church Dolno Lukovo

It is one of the oldest Bulgarian churches in the municipality of Ivaylovgrad. It has been declared an architectural monument of culture of local importance. It dates from 1806, according to legend, built secretly in the then oak forest for only 7 nights. Defining the short construction time was the Ottoman law, according to which the building on which the roof was laid, is not destroyed. It is a low, semi-dug in the ground simple stone structure with no windows, covered with teak. It is a one-nave building with a closed dock and a double-decked roof. The building is visible masonry made of flat river stones. It was dug into the ground for the purpose of looking like a robbery, since the Ottoman authorities at the time did not allow the construction of churches. The interior was redesigned until 1918 and has two compartments - male and female. Of particular interest are the carved iconostasis with the primitive so-called "shepherd carving" and the original icons from the beginning of the XIX century - work of original local craftsmen. The temple is richly painted with expressive, influenced by folklore, murals (tempera technique) and is distinguished by primitive iconography, with the image of Jesus Christ nowhere to be found. Some of them were restored in the early 1990s by professors and students at the Academy of Arts. The church has not been active since 1896, and nowadays worship is held only at the temple feast “St. St. St. Constantine and Helena ”- (May 21).

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